2005 Update

Latest releases

It has been some time, almost a year since the last news entry on the Hisown website. So the purpose of this news release is to let you know what Hisown is up to.

There have been a number of small projects completed recently which includes the short “The Couple” which takes a fun look at communication within relationships, and also another Urim entry soon to come, with the Kid’s presented news report “Totally Hooked TV”.

High Def

New technology is now available to Hisown allowing films to be created in High Definition to the 1080i standard. This will dramatically increase the quality of Hisown pieces. Although still produced in Standard Definition a glimpse of this quality can be seen in “The Couple” which was shot in very low light not possible on past technology.

In Development

A number of scripts are in development which will progress as long term projects and will be likely to take a format much closer to a full feature presentation.

Also some exciting documentaries are in planning surrounding the topic of Companies and organisations which have a God focused leadership. These will examine godly people and what God has lead them to do with their companies to glorify their Lord.

Your Role

Remembering that Hisown Productions is a volunteer driven ministry, there are ways that you can help the effectiveness and reach of this organisation. These include but are not limited to:

Funds Donation – At this point, until we are otherwise lead to a different strategy, Hisown Productions does not sell any of its work. It is hoped that this strategy can help the organisation make films and tell stories that Gods wants told, not what might market/sell well.

Inspirational Stories – We love to tell inspirational stories true or otherwise about how God and his values have effected people and circumstances to the glory of our Lord. If you have stories you would like us to tell through film please let us know.

Skills & Resources – We are interested in talking to anyone who has been seriously called by God to serve within the Hisown Productions ministry. Please consider this prayerfully and be encouraged to let us know how God is calling you.

Prayer – We believe in the powerful effects of prayer and appreciate the efforts of believers to support us through their conversations with our Lord God.

Your Feedback – God encourages his people through his people. We are here to please God and give him all praise, as such your feedback is a valuable encouragement, helping us know we are doing just that.

God’s Peace,
Grant Hull

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