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  • Would you have cause to examine your life if you were facing your death?

    Facing Life

    Cameron Colburn – just an ordinary guy on an ordinary day…  It could have happened to anyone!
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  • What would it be like if Jesus was a housemate in the Big Brother House?

    Big Brother – Jesus Uncut

    Jesus, Son of God, in the Big Brother house? You’ve got to be kidding!
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  • FlamingWhispers_04

    Flaming Whispers

    Have you ever played the game “Chinese Whispers”? Do you know how information can be warped bit by bit until the remaining information resembles little of the original message?
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  • Ever wonder what your other half was thinking?

    The Couple

    Created originally for a Growing Together In Marriage ministry as an ice breaking device, see if The Couple Alan and Michelle can achieve effective communication.
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  • Cover_OneWay

    One Way

    A film about a class of students and their desire to follow directions or learn the hard way!
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  • Profile_TheSacrifice

    The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice is a modern day parallel of the Easter message, told through the story of three people in trouble with their lives and of the day a man came to share his love with them, changing them forever and become their Friend.
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  • Profile_GodsWorld

    God’s World

    Are you trying at desperate lengths to have God live in your world, the world of Humans? Rather than acknowledging the truth that this world and everything in it actually belongs to God which makes it definitely His!
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  • Profile_WLF_16_9

    White Line Fever

    Scott Chambers elite athlete, basketball champion and Christian has achieved a tremendous amount in such a short time but tragically his career is been threatened by an condition claiming all to many of our potential sporting greats, known as White Line Fever or WLF.
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