Big Brother – Jesus Uncut

Jesus, Son of God, in the Big Brother house? You’ve got to be kidding!

Today as TV watching consumers we all know something of Big Brother and what the show entails. We either love to watch it, hate to – but love to watch it, or hate to watch it full stop!

What ever your take, one thing is true: Big Brother successfully captures and displays a slice of life with a complete spectrum of human behaviour from the compassionate through to the offensive. Unfortunately, due to the infallibility of humans most often the housemates are less than wholesome in their actions.

Considering this, does the thought of Jesus in the Big Brother House create opportunity for offence?

It’s highly likely – but consider the company that Jesus kept as a man. How did the religious establishment and law keepers of that time feel about the friendships Jesus acquired?

Aside from the valid question “Would Jesus have ever endorsed his participation in a reality TV show?”, it makes for an interesting topic to consider what actions he would take and what affect he would have on his fellow housemates.

Big Brother – Jesus Uncut may seek to poke a little fun at this TV phenomenon, but it is serious in its attempt to address real life issues, and to develop some poignant parallels to how we might respond to what Jesus offers us in the real world.

Big Brother – Jesus Uncut – Episode One

Big Brother – Jesus Uncut – Episode Two

Big Brother – Jesus Uncut – Episode Three

Big Brother – Jesus Uncut – Episode Four

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