Facing Life

Cameron Colburn – just an ordinary guy on an ordinary day…  It could have happened to anyone!

Facing Life follows the story of Cameron, a guy in a coma, helpless and bedridden in hospital. Visitors come and go unaware that Cameron can hear their every word. From this powerless position, Cameron unexpectedly gets an inside look at his own life and his relationships.

In the end Cameron realises what needs to change. The question is, will he get a second chance?

Facing Life encourages us to examine whether we really have applied these passages from the gospel of Mark to our lives.

Facing Life is a video based, life-related, thought-provoking, open-ended discussion starter and study aid.

Facing Life examines five passages from Mark chapter 10:13 to 11:11, which are each paralleled through five compelling episodes of Cameron’s story. Each episode is complemented by a Chaplain character who draws perceptive parallels between Cameron’s story and the biblical passages.

Facing Life – Episode 1 – WHO MATTERS

Facing Life – Episode 2 – ONE THING

Facing Life – Part 3 – GREATNESS

Facing Life – Part 4 – TRUE FAITH

Facing Life – Part 5 – THE FUTURE

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