Flaming Whispers

Have you ever played the game “Chinese Whispers”?
Do you know how information can be warped bit by bit until the remaining information resembles little of the original message?

“Flaming Whispers” explores this concept through a young couple, with a well-intentioned neighbour who shares her concern of their circumstances with another considerate friend, starting the first “Whisper”.

Things progress with other thoughtful contributors adding observations to the “Whisper” as it spreads like a “Flame”, ultimately building a colourful picture of the young couple’s pending future.

The true danger of this gossip is eventually realised through the unexpected ending of the film.

“Flaming Whispers” was produced as an entry to the “Ignite” Christian film festival, and was awarded Best Script and First Runner-up.

For more information regarding the Ignite film festival, visit the website at: http://ignite.tvs.net.au/

Flaming Whispers


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