God’s World

Are you trying at desperate lengths to have God live in your world, the world of Humans? Rather than acknowledging the truth that this world and everything in it actually belongs to God which makes it definitely His!

The trouble is humans tend to forget this fact.

Many non-believers would take an egocentric view that everything is here for them and them alone. Others may take a less self-centred and more generous standpoint, recognising at least that the world is here equally for all to share. But it is us believers that tend to make an equally as critical mistake in our way of thinking.

The Bible says that we can ask of God anything and he will give it to us, when what we are asking for aligns with his will , and not our own selfish desires. With this in mind how often have you asked God for things without first asking him if it is what he wants for you as one of his children, living in his world?

This short film attempts to show this mismatch in focus and the consequences it can have on the people we share God’s world with.

This is a story which focuses on two Christians athletes and the affect their stand points of this worlds ownership has on those around them who don’t yet know God.

Brent Peters renowned news presenter of ‘On The Spot News’ throws to his man on the scene Rick Bradsure at C.O.B. Stadium in preparation for the Junior Women’s 100 metre finals.

When we arrive two of the women are already at the track warming up. Eavesdropping into their inner monolog, we learn a little about them, their priorities and beliefs.

Jamie Stent is a determined young woman. Always focused, she believes hard work and discipline are the only way to succeed in life. Nothing can help you more than you can help yourself.

Kathryn Alsop up and coming Sprinter has a self seeking focus, always trying to pull God into her world and expecting Him to align to her priorities, and then and only then would she consider doing a few favours in return.

Rachael Watts, has not prepared for the race but takes a punt that maybe a God does exist, who might even get her out of her dilemma and cause her to win despite her lack of preparation.

Due to Kathryn’s self-centred attempts at letting the other women know about her faith, Gemma Norcott doesn’t want to know Kathryn’s god. But she does make a plea in hope there is something, someone out there that who does wish the best for her and the rest of His creation.

Erin Hertzel reigning champion and favourite to win has a different priority to Kathryn, putting God first! She is not concerned who wins, only that God is glorified through her actions, and through the running of the race God most certainly is, but not in the way you might expect.

God’s World

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