The Couple

Created originally for a Growing Together In Marriage ministry as an ice breaking device, see if The Couple Alan and Michelle can achieve effective communication.

In this tongue and cheek mocumentary we get to examine an exchange between a particular courting couple and poke fun at the predicament their inept communication creates.

This takes the form of a study presented by Renowned naturist Sir David Aintgonabother who explores with the aid of last research technology, the communication behaviours of a little understood organism, The Couple.

Although a comical presentation, there is a serious message to take away from this film. In communication you can not assume that you family, friends or companions are at all on the same train of thought that you are experiencing. You have thoughts, inner monologs, emotions that only you can experience, that is without going to the trouble of voicing these to those around you.

When we spend the time and effort to ensure people are on our wavelength effective communication can occur. When we don’t, less than desirable consequences are realised, which more often than not have future ramifications.

Our responsibility is therefore to open up, share our thoughts, get onto the same wavelength, and in all honesty, be sure to admit confusion when what we hear does not make clear sense.

Doing this with every conversation helps ensure these exchanges will continue in a good way for as long as we do.

The Couple


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