The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice is a modern day parallel of the Easter message, told through the story of three people in trouble with their lives and of the day a man came to share his love with them, changing them forever and become their Friend.

When Karen met their Friend she was distressed by the nastiness that’s almost unavoidable with the social pecking order found in any high school. Issues of not being pretty enough or not wearing the right labels where enough to cause self loathing, bringing on her tears. Through sharing with their Friend she realises a number of things she didn’t know about herself. Finding out that she wasn’t worthless but a beautiful creation, He also brought to her attention that there were people in her life she was treating in exactly the way that was causing her own heartache.

When their Friend came across Jeremy he was a man living on the street. Afflicted with the effects of alcohol abuse, drunken Jeremy was busy trying to scam sympathetic donations from passes by with stories designed to pull at the heartstrings, however too obvious were all delusional fiction. Frustrated Jeremy lashed out at the only man prepared to provide Jeremy with anything he asked for. Brought to a point where Jeremy had to face reality and admit dishonesty, he realised that the world was not out to take advantage of him but it was a self inflicted blindfold created to keep himself from taking control of his life.

Gus troubled with addictions leading to substance abuse would stop at nothing to satisfy his cravings. Resulting to theft and pawning his loot gave him almost enough to by his usual fix. Unfortunately for Gus his profit fell short of buying quality and with jittery weakness he compromised, acquiring a rough cut of unidentified drugs. Terror immediately stuck Gus the moment the concoction entered his body, sensing his imminent death and grasping out for any help available he fell to the ground gasping in convulsions, until at the last moment someone reached out his hand to take the agony away from Gus and upon himself. It was their Friend.

As time past three and countless others who either met their Friend directly or where told second-hand of Him, meet to remember the loss of their Friend and of the impact his life and death had on their lives. In addition to remembering their Friend they also acknowledge the man who’s example their Friend based his life upon. That man was Jesus Christ, friend and saviour to their fallen Friend and now friend and personal saviour to each and every one of them. Now each serve as examples to their own friends as they in turn sacrifice their time resources and lives to serve in the way Jesus has for all of us.

The Sacrifice – Part 1

The Sacrifice – Part 2

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