White Line Fever

Scott Chambers elite athlete, basketball champion and Christian has achieved a tremendous amount in such a short time but tragically his career is been threatened by an condition claiming all to many of our potential sporting greats, known as White Line Fever or WLF.

Only through careful study can we hope determine the cause of this affliction, expose the truth and apply the appropriate measures to ensure a cure.

Therefore order to better understand why WLF is so devastating this mockumentary will follow the path Scott Chambers and observe the devastating effects the condition is having on our athletes. See archival footage of Chambers and long time team mate Brad Hopkins, and hear rare interviews with Brad and others as they discusses the rapid deterioration WLF has caused to their friend, colleague and teammate.

This Short film seeks to provide an illustration of how double standards in behavior can reduce the impact our Christian lives should have on others. Scott Chambers could well have been a shining example for God. Instead throughout his sporting career he persistently allowed his emotions to hinder his efforts in doing what is right, and behaved in a manner which certainly shed bad light on what it is to be Christian. Just think what will people remember most?

Although not everyone will participates in the sporting arena as an elite athlete, if we look carefully enough each of us can find a White Line that we cross from time to time, turning off our values and turning on our flaws. It might be from home to the office or from home to School, it may even be when we walk through a door to a party. The important thing to take away from Scotty’s story is that WLF has nothing to do with a White Line or a party, but it’s the way we choose to behave.

The fortunate thing for Christians is that we don’t have to rely on our own abilities to do what is right we only have to ask God for his help. If you don’t believe that then have you really been asking? Try it!

White Line Fever

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